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What's going to happen next in mobile advertising

1. Cross screen attribution (near term): current nascent solution methodologies will expand and become more robust, leading waves of clients to understand the cross screen impact of mobile on display, search, social and CRM

2. Cross screen data (mid term): harder to crack from a technology and privacy standpoint but the user experience, site performance and advertising capabilities require understanding who someone is. Google gets this, that's why they are pushing Chrome so hard in mobile (on iOS) now, but that will take a while to seed. Or perhaps Tim Cook's Apple will enable cookies.

3. The dominance of Facebook (now and next): their multiscreen log in solves #2 for their users and advertisers, they have a massive amount of inventory and the resources to invest. We will see prices rise as demand increases, but to date there has been little user pushback over ads in mobile (many predicted otherwise).

4. Death of the salesman (already started): RTB takes over mobile, it all goes biddable and the algorithms replace glad handing and golf games. Related to this is the glut of supply as consumers flock to mobile and page view growth outstrips demand thereby depressing prices. Don't be surprised if this new economy kills off a few well known publishers

5. Who the heck knows (now, in a garage somewhere): expect the unexpected that comes from nowhere and takes off...Instagram, Waze, one has any idea what's coming next....and that's what makes it fun.

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